2017 National Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Festival Schedule/Entry forms


Now available – please click the link above to open the schedule in PDF form.

We are excited to release our comprehensive show schedule with over 100 classes to choose from over the weekend.

NOTE FOR STABLING:- We pre book our stables with WPNEC – all stable bookings to be made on our entry form. NO straw to be used in stables or yards – only shavings are allowed. Shavings (Breeders Choice) can be ordered through us at cost price including delivery on the Friday 20th January. If you are interested in pre ordering your shavings in a 85kg woolpack (equals 7 small bales) please give Val a call prior to entering as pre payment will be required – price will be approx $78 max per wool pack. A bulk order will be arrange if we can get more than 10 woolpacks. Other alternatives is BYO or you can order directly from WPNEC Breeders Choice small bales @ $14.50 (see their website/booking form).



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